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Call Center Headset

Step 1 - Registration

Are you ready to begin?  Let's go...

The first step is to complete the registration process on the platform that you will be using to service the Fortune 500 companies.

Artist in Workshop

Step 2 - Employee vs IC

To better understand the difference between being an independent contractor and an employee, AMS is requesting and it is required to view this educational video.

Man Using a Tablet

Step 3 - Interview

Now that you have completed the viewing of the video, it is now time to schedule an virtual interview.  Please text at 910.583.8898 and provide your name and phone no.

School Application

Step 4 - AMS Application Process

Congratulations, you are now moving on to the next step and one step closer in taking back your financial freedom.  Now that you have received confirmation, it is now time to begin the AMS application process.  Please make sure that all areas are completed and filled out to prevent any delays of your application.

2nd Phase


Holding Tablet Computer

Step 5 - Create Agent Site Login

A few more steps to go and you are a part of AMS.  To complete steps 6 and allow AMS to provide you further information, click on the Agent Login link, located in the top right corner of this site and sign up.  


To complete the application process and to verify your identity, AMS is requesting a copy of your current drivers license and social security card.  

Identification Uploader

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!


Whoooo hoooo...

Welcome to AMS - All Mighty Services, LLC

We are so happy to have you on our team and to continue assisting you and successful, AMS would like to provide you additional information to make it easier to follow the platform that you would be operating from.

Step 6 - Identification

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