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Turning a Vision into Reality

AMS - All Mighty Services, LLC is a virtual call center, giving individuals access to multiple Fortune 500 Companies (clients). Established in 2017, providing local services within the community, AMS saw the need of assisting individuals with this great opportunity nationwide and expanded a year later in 2018, adding our Virtual Call Center.


This makes it accessible for you to "take back YOUR Financial Freedom".  Our CEO, LaTosha, has been leading/utilizing AMS Virtual Call Center since 2018 after making the independent decision to leave the Corporate America Banking industry following 12 years of dedication, while her husband Trav continues to manage the Field Services.


Our Family Owned Company are recent recipients of the BeyGood NAACP Grant (Beyonce' & the NAACP) and proud to say, "If you are looking for a Virtual Call Center to service through, in hopes of showing off your Customer Service skills, then you're in the right place. There is no glass ceiling to your Financial Freedom!" 


LaTosha Alexis


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